Welcome Message from Principal

principalIts the attitude more than the altitude that helps one to achieve the goal of one’s life. -Anonymous

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the Website of Dadhibaman Junior College. DBJC was conceived decades ago with a dream to create an inspiration for youth, who are morally upright, socially Responsible and vibrant human beings. We believe that in this global scenario, learning has to go beyond the confinements of a classroom having a wider band and building a world while values and principles flourish. To compete the developing and fast changing scenario of the society we shape the personality of the students and develop their hidden talents. The college envisaging this has accepted the challenge and is set to go on its marks. We believe in “Aim high, Aim for excellent by Honest, Fair, Consistent, Insistent and Persistent efforts”. We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased & intellect is expanded. At the same time it also forms our contribution to the welfare of the coming generations.

I also extend my gratitude to all my parents for the trust placed in us and we look toward to their constant support & guidance in all over activities.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Hota

Dadhibaman Junior College